Metrology Sector

It is a manual unit dedicated to test mechanical shafts

Gear dimensional inspection

It is a unit for the dimensional control of the gears sliding on the cylindrical part. this machine checks that the measurement is correct on the whole surface.

Dimensional inspection of pistons

It is a unit to check the design of the pistons to the hundredth of a millimeter.

Micrometric dimensional control

It is a unit to check the thousandth of a millimeter size of metal rings. It controls internal bore and outside diameter. Automatically, the rings out of tollerance are discarded making them fall into a “waste” box. The others rings will be aligned thanks to an automatic machine enslaved by a vibrator , conveys them on the slide and below the meter

Dimensional control system

It is an anthropomorphic robot useful for the dimensional control of the car fuses little bars. The robot picks up from the tray one bar at a time, it takes it under the camera to checked all dimentions. If the bar is in tolerance, the Robot deposits it in a blister, otherwise the waste, will be dropeed in a drawer. It’s an industrial machine that works in three shifts in continuous cycle.