The Future through the Automation

Industrial automation systems and special machines to get more production in less time, doubling quality and amortising costs

Advice, Assistance and Training

Technical support and training of company personnel, advice and after-sales assistance.


Autek, il partner tecnologico in automazione e robotica per guardare al futuro.
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Our industrial fields

We transform your idea into a project and the project of industrial automation systems building automatic and special machines. We aim to have high performance, great accurancy and to reduce cost of production.

Our services

Technical support and training to continue our consulting and give rise to our service.

Technical support
Technical support and training to continue our consulting and give rise to our service
Customer needs
Understanding needs of the customer
Staff training and Support
Technical Support: staff training and after sales support
Design and Development
Design and development of the prototype
Versatility and consulting
Planning, operational construction, maintenance service
Development and construction
Development and construction of tailor-made industrial systems, automatic machines and special machines

Video and News

Videos of four new industrial machines designed and made to measure. Special machines built to manage production information, optimize industrial processes, improve the production cycles of our customers


Autek, the technological partner in automation and robotics

Autek finds the customized solution designed to satisfy all the customer demands. Turning an idea into custom project and the project into an automation system.

Our aims are to simplify and improve industrial processes, manage production information and contribute to the quality of the production cycles..

“For over thirty years we have become technological partners of companies operating in the automotive, aviation, mechanical, textile and plastic fields “..

Two partners with a passion for automation and robotic designed to meet different market. Our goals are to increase the productivity through industrial automation by improving the quality while reducing the cost of production.