Automotive Area
Contacts Assembler

It is a manual load industrial machine that screws the pad of copper mail contact between the brake pad of the machines and the support that will go to ground.
When the user brakes and ended the pad, the light on the instrument panel comes on to signal the problem.

Pins Assembler

It is an industrial machine to assemble, after molding, the plastic sleeves useful for the passage of water in the circuit of the cars.

Press Tending

It is an automatic machine useful to download component directly from the press that cut continuously. In this case we have Heat Exchangers components. The cutter machine print a piece every second and it will be took and checked via camera: if it is a waste it will go into a special tank, if it’s good it will go into a blister which can hold up to 26 pieces. Filled the blister, the machine will bring automatically a blank one to continue the work of fill in.

Reducers Bases Charger

It is an industrial machine comprising of an automatic loader supported by a cutter. It performs the final processing for print basics of blending where the engines gearboxes.

Brake Valves Testing

It is an industrial machine that tests the valves to purge the air of machine brakes. It tests the calibrated leak with an adjustable pressure at 1, 2 or 3 bar, and provides the result to the loss allowed over time.

Marking Unit

It is an automatic machine to mark/print? date and serial number on the tubes of the steering wheels of the cars and on the steering column.

Automatic Micrometer

It is an automatic measurement unit of particular points of the steering column. The unit advances, leans and measuring instruments giving results of “complies” or “not complies.”

Loading Washers Clamps

It is an automatic machine consists of a pick and place and a rotary table. Assemble components for the solenoid valves of the oil supply circuit of the machines.